Blind Stapler™

Blind Stapler™

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Blind Stapler™ Constructed of solid 6061 aircraft aluminum the lightest and strongest available in the world today

Slip UHMW composite disks insure impact pressure points create a “no mark” finish. UHMW disks allow for different size overhangs of the face frame over the cabinet box( 3 pieces included per Blind Stapler™ order.) Light-weight and easy to use Pneumatic Uses 1" x 1/4" crown staples All screws are constructed of case hardened stainless steel

O-rings are oil impregnated

Color: Blue(Sold out), Black

Weight: 7.2 lbs

Made in the USA

Color: Black
Spacer Disk Size #1
Spacer Disk Size #2
Spacer Disk Size #3
  • Why You'll Need It

    Light and easy to use, the Blind Stapler will attach a face frame to a cabinet box in seconds. No more drills, screws, nails or biscuits! Just align your face frame onto your box and press the plungers. Tight, easy, secure, DONE

  • Refund Policy

    The patented technology of the BLIND STAPLER™ is built to last! 30 days no questions asked return policy guarantee that you are purchasing the very best. The BLIND STAPLER™ is designed to last a lifetime!

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    For a limited time enjoy Free Shipping. A $50.00 savings!


Fogelman Cabinetry Inc,  Liberty, NC

I was a hard sell because of the price.  After a trial period, I was sold on it and made the purchase.  I’ve not regretted this purchase.

Dreamworks Custom Cabinetry,  New London, NC

We purchased the Blind Stapler specifically to attach drop edges onto shelves.  Saves so much time and money.

Quality Woodshop,  Albemarle, NC

After a short demonstration, I purchased the Blind Stapler and it has performed great.  No problems after one year. 

S. Harris Inc,  High Point, NC

I purchased the Blind Stapler over a year ago, and haven’t had any problems with the tool.  I was first hesitant to make the purchase because for me, it was a lot of money.  But now I understand the value of this tool.  It gives me such a professional product in a lot less time, which means more savings.  The Blind Stapler makes me money every day I use it.




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