Blind Stapler™

Blind Stapler™

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Blind Stapler™ Constructed of solid 6061 aircraft aluminum the lightest and strongest available in the world today

Slip UHMW composite disks insure impact pressure points create a “no mark” finish. UHMW disks allow for different size overhangs of the face frame over the cabinet box( 3 pieces included per Blind Stapler™ order.) Light-weight and easy to use Pneumatic Uses 1" x 1/4" crown staples All screws are constructed of case hardened stainless steel

O-rings are oil impregnated

Color: Blue(Sold out), Black

Weight: 7.2 lbs

Made in the USA

Color: Black
  • Why You'll Need It

    Light and easy to use, the Blind Stapler will attach a face frame to a cabinet box in seconds. No more drills, screws, nails or biscuits! Just align your face frame onto your box and press the plungers. Tight, easy, secure, DONE

  • Refund Policy

    The patented technology of the BLIND STAPLER™ is built to last! 30 days no questions asked return policy guarantee that you are purchasing the very best. The BLIND STAPLER™ is designed to last a lifetime!

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