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2022 Challengers Award WINNER


F A S T . E A S Y . E F F I C I E N T.
  • The Blind Stapler is a pneumatic staple gun that allows for fast and easy assembly when attaching a cabinet face frame to a cabinet box.

  • The Blind Stapler eliminates the need to face nail or pocket screw the cabinet face frame to the cabinet box. The face frame is attached quickly and securely without using pocket screws, nails, or putty.

  • The Blind Stapler will never leave a mark, so every cabinet can be pre-finished before assembly, if desired.

  • The Patented Design allows a staple to be shot in diagonally. The narrow crown staples are hidden underneath.

  • The Blind Stapler will also attach drop edges to shelves with no visible marks that require filling and sanding

Blind Stapler
2022 Challengers Award WINNER
Blind Stapler



Just load a rack of 1" x 1/4" crown staples into the carriage. Attach a 1/4" air line onto the quick release nipple. Press the first button to align and clamp the face frame to the cabinet box. Press the second button and the staple automatically is driven at an angle, securing the face frame to the box.

  • SAVES TIME attach a face frame in seconds

  • SAVES COSTS using 1" standard staples instead  of  pocket screws or biscuits

  • QUALITY and SAFETY made of anodized aluminum  with built in safety features

  • FAST pre-finish your cabinet before assembly


The speed of assembly makes any other method of attaching a face frame to a cabinet obsolete.

The Blind Stapler™ was developed to save time. Its revolutionary design eliminates the need for pocket screws, biscuits or nails when attaching a cabinet face frame to a cabinet box

This new, fail safe tool will forever change the way a cabinet is built!

Forget driver drill slippage and cabinet marring. The Blind Stapler™ will never leave a mark In fact, you can pre-finish your cabinet if you want. No more broken screw driver tips, pricked fingers or time spent filling and patching. The Blind Stapler™ eliminates it all!

  • Prefinish your cabinet if you like

  • No more patching or drilling

  • Attaches cabinet face frames in seconds

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Uses narrow crown staples



The BLIND STAPLER™ will forever change how your cabinet is assembled

"As a cabinet builder for the last 54 years, I know that one of the most time consuming and tedious parts of cabinet construction is attaching a face frame to the cabinet box.​"

  • BETTER than any other method

  • FASTER than any old assembly techniques

  • REVOLUTIONARY in concept and design

​"Newly retired, I spent most of my time in my cabinet shop doing what I liked best...  woodworking. Now I had the time to design and create what will prove to be a game changer for cabinet shops around the world!"

Stuart Topp, Inventor of the Blind Stapler™
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